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What do Bengals fans remember about Romeo Crennel?

Losing. They remember lots of losing.


I was perusing through Romeo Crennel's head coaching record, hoping to find out that Crennel is like 7-1 against the Bengals is time as the Browns head coach.

Unfortunately, that's not the case.

As the Browns head coach, Crennel was 2-6 against the Bengals. Four of those six losses came by more than one score so Crennel's tendency to get blown out isn't just a Chiefs thing.

I asked Josh Kirkendall over at our Bengals blog, Cincy Jungle, what he remembers about Crennel's time in the AFC North. His initial response says it all: "The most permeating thought is that Cincinnati beat him a lot. Sorry."


"I'll give him credit," Josh continued, "he always coached a tough Browns team for the Bengals to beat, especially defensively."

That's what they say about losing teams -- "they always were tough" or "they sure played hard for him". Unfortunately for Chiefs fans, we're all too familiar with that.

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