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TV experience becomes a lot better when the Chiefs aren't any good


The other day I noticed a local reporter warning that Sporting KC, Kansas City's MLS team, was soon going to overtake the Chiefs in popularity. This isn't mean to bash soccer but that's a laughable argument at this point. No metric supports the local soccer team becoming more popular than the football team.

The biggest evidence of that is in the TV ratings, which the NFL still dominates.

The problem for the NFL is that the TV experience is almost too good, which Roger Goodell has acknowledged. There are attendance questions in the NFL with how many fans are actually going to the stadium versus the fans that are watching at home.

I gotta admit: watching games at home is very, very nice. Almost better than going to the stadium. Nothing replaces the high of being at Arrowhead for a big game but the Chiefs aren't playing many big games these days, so the experience at home is almost preferable. Almost. I'd still rather be at the game but I see the value in staying at home.

Have you made a decision this year to watch a game from home because it's just easier? Ignore the fact that the Chiefs suck for the purposes of this question.

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