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Important: Matt Cassel has a Fu Manchu



In our efforts to bring you only the most important Kansas City Chiefs news, here is why Matt Cassel is wearing a Fu Manchu on his face, via comments sent out by the Chiefs:

"There's a charity out there called Movember. Prostate cancer is the No. 1 killer in men, and thecharity itself builds awareness and also we raise funds to go to cancer research, so it's a pretty cool deal.It allows me to grow this ugly thing for one month, and then my wife, December 1, will be yelling at meto shave that thing off."

This is what Wikipedia says about a Fu Manchu:

A Fu Manchu moustache is a full, straight moustache that grows downward past the lips and on either side of the chin; and often, the tapered, pointed ends of the moustache hang past the jawline.[1] The Fu Manchu is similar to the common horseshoe ("biker") moustache; the difference between the two types of moustache is that the Fu Manchu is grown only from the upper lip, whilst the sides remain clean shaven. The moustache came from China's Mongol invaders; they are seen with similar moustaches at the time of the Yellow Emperor, but prior to the Mongol invasion they were clean shaven.

And here is a super close-up on Cassel's Fu Man Chu (via Jason Bridges-USPRESSWIRE):


Let's compare that to the traditional mustache, displayed here by Chris Thorman:


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