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Please stop sending Michael Vick to the Chiefs next year

Oddsmakers believe the Chiefs have a slim shot at landing Vick once he leaves the Eagles.


It doesn't look like Michael Vick will be on the Eagles next year. He's due a lot of money that the Eagles can either A.) commit themselves to paying or B.) cutting Vick. The way Vick has played, the latter seems the most likely, especially if there are front office changes.

So with Vick becoming a free agent, people are starting to talk. Where could he possibly play? Would anyone pick him up? And whenever there are questions like that, the oddsmakers aren't far behind with answers.

Two sets of oddsmakers have weighed in on where Vick will play next. And both of them say the Chiefs have a better chance than most other teams in the NFL.


Buffalo Bills 3/1
Arizona Cardinals 5/1
Philadelphia Eagles 5/1
New York Jets 6/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 6/1
Kansas City Chiefs 7/1
Not on an NFL roster 5/2

R.J. Bell of

Bills: 21% chance
No Team: 18% chance
Cardinals: 14% chance
Jets: 13% chance
Jags: 12% chance
Eagles: 12% chance
Chiefs: 10% chance

Vick's gonna be 33 years old next season. What makes him worth keeping on an NFL roster is his speed. Unfortunately, speed does not get better as you get older. Take away his speed, and Vick's just an inaccurate quarterback.

So, yeah, I'll pass.

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