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Brady Quinn 'not officially cleared' to play, according to Chiefs coach

The Chiefs coach declines to name a starter.


After Monday's Chiefs-Steelers game, a couple of KC Star reporters quoted Brady Quinn as saying he has been cleared to play next week against the Bengals.

But on Tuesday Romeo Crennel disagreed with that, saying Quinn has not been cleared.

"I think Brady [Quinn] said that he is ready to go, and I'm sure he is excited about the possibility, but at this point, he is not officially cleared, so I can't make a determination until I can find out exactly what the prognosis is for him," Crennel said, via comments sent out by the Chiefs. "So, that's what I'll do. I'll find out and then we'll go from there."

Hmm. Quinn says he's cleared. Romeo says he's not.

Does anyone think the Chiefs coach could be using his injury to delay his decision on who will start?

Romeo has said before that quarterback controversies are distracting so I'm assuming he wouldn't be pushing one along here. And he has said in the past that Quinn is his starter so I'm guessing that'll be the case on Sunday. But his hesitance to answer that question above is making me reconsider that prediction. Either Quinn is cleared to play or he's not. There's no in between.

Quinn gave detail, the name of the doctor and how long he was in his office in explaining that he had been cleared this week. That's why I'm a little confused Crennel said he hasn't been cleared. So, I don't know.

Is Quinn gonna play or not?

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