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Grade the Kansas City Chiefs performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Chiefs made their usual mistakes but they did some good things, too.

Gregory Shamus

We can finally grade the Kansas City Chiefs and not expect a failing grade.

The Chiefs had plenty of mistakes on Monday night against the Steelers. Matt Cassel wasn't very efficient. Missed field goal. Bad dances. Dumb penalties came at the worst time.

There are reasons to downgrade the Chiefs.

But for the first time since a Week 5 game against the Ravens, they had a chance to win in the fourth quarter. That game was on October 7 so excuse me if I get excited about Monday's performance.

The Chiefs lost to the Steelers in overtime, 16-13, but they showed some things that I wish had been around all season. Cassel had a clutch pass to Dwayne Bowe when the Chiefs had their backs up against the wall on fourth down. The Chiefs gave Charles 20-plus carries. The defense was terrific, playing bend-but-don't-break defense.

They deserve some kudos.

So, because the Chiefs did what no one thought they would do and kept it competitive with the Steelers, I'm giving them a B with the defense getting a lot of the credit.

What's your grade?

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