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Chiefs go dancing on Monday Night Football

The Kansas City Chiefs fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers Monday night by a score of 16-13 but it was a couple of dance routines that had Chiefs fans fired up during the game.

Justin K. Aller

There may not have been a more divisive couple of moments for fans than the two dance numbers that Chiefs players had in the loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night.

The first dance number was a nod to Kid 'n Play from Justin Houston and Tamba Hali on a sack of Ben Roethlisberger.


And the second was on the called-back touchdown that involved most of the Chiefs defense.


People to seem to be very passionate on their feelings about these two 'plays'. Many fans were saying it's embarrassing for a 1-7 team to be that 'cocky' and others were saying it shows a lack of discipline.

Then you have the other side of this situation where you would find me.

I loved the Houston/Hali dance and I don't care if the Chiefs were 0-15 and it was the last game of the season.

I'd still love that dance. I might feel differently if we were down by 28 points late in the 4th quarter, but they weren't. It was a big moment and the guys were having a good time.

If you think the team should be quiet and run back to the sideline after every play and not have any of 'those' kinds of celebrations, then you better be first in line to call someone out that says the Chiefs aren't showing interest, that they look like they don't care or aren't playing with any energy. Because you'd be squashing something that shows that kind of emotion they'd be looking for. If you believe that you can show emotion without dancing then you seem to be trying to micromanage how those guys have a good time on the field and you need to get over yourself.

Now about that group dance. If the play hadn't of been called-back I honestly don't think I would have really cared about the 15 yard penalty on the kickoff. Before you get all hot and bothered I know it's a stupid penalty, but it looked like the defense was having a pretty damn good time and the feeling (selfishly) I get from actually seeing those guys enjoy balling-out like they were was kind of refreshing.

One of my first reaction's after seeing them do that was "I will survive" from The Replacements, to which Kalo-Phoenix quickly pointed out on twitter that Shaun Smith would undoubtedly be Clifford Franklin. But watching the clip below you'll see the two who first joined Houston in that dance were actually Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali. Funny thing is that penalty meant nothing as the Steelers went three and out on the remainder of that drive. The first down tackle was made by Hali (dancer), second down tackle made by Houston (originator), and the fourth-down, drive-ending tackle was made by Derrick Johnson (dancer).

The guys were having a good time and although the penalty could have been avoided and could have hurt, it didn't. Because those players who some are chastising for their undisciplined, cocky, ridiculous display, used that same attitude to put the Chiefs in a position to win against one of the top teams in the AFC in their house on Monday night football.

If the defense keeps playing like this maybe we'll see a full-on Thriller dance by seasons' end. One can only hope.

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