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The annual Marty Schottenheimer rumors are alive and well

What kinda Marty rumor do we have this time?

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

It's about that time of year, isn't it? When random NFL rumors come out saying the Kansas City Chiefs are talking to Marty Schottenheimer about a potential return.

I wasn't a blogger back in 1999, the year after Marty left the Chiefs, but I imagine we were treated to these same rumors back then, too.

The story goes that Sirius NFL Radio reported last week that Chiefs owner Clark Hunt was meeting with Marty Schottenheimer, the former Chiefs coach.

People tweeted about it.

Local news talked about it.

Chiefs fans commenced the freak out. wasn't true. As much as I tried, I couldn't confirm that Sirius actually reported that. In the rush to post something on "OMG Marty and the Chiefs!", some people apparently didn't look at the root of the "report".

Sirius NFL Radio did not report that Marty was meeting with the Chiefs. Instead, a caller into Sirius said that.

And that caller made waves in Kansas City by doing what any radio caller does, and talk about something outrageous and implausible.

FOX Sports KC got the denial from Marty, who says he was not in Kansas City meeting with Clark. He still talks to Clark but those conversations are not a negotiation to bring Marty back to Kansas City.

Until next year, this is your annual Marty rumor.

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