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'Anonymous source' says Chiefs' Brandon Flowers is unhappy in Kansas City

"Anonymous sources" say Brandon Flowers is unhappy.


Pro Football Weekly is back with their anonymous sources telling them things.

Here's what they write about Brandon Flowers and the Kansas City Chiefs in this season to forget:

Naturally, Chiefs coaches and players are frustrated, too. A source told PFW that CB Brandon Flowers, who signed a six-year, $49.3 million deal last September, has been telling teammates in the locker room that he would give back all his new money just so he could leave the team.

Derrick Johnson, who is quoted in the story and has a locker next to Flowers, said he hadn't heard that.

This is an anonymous quote so we have no idea how seriously to take it but, at the end of the day, Flowers is under a multi-year contract so he can't really do anything even if this report were true.

And, for the record, we don't know if the report is true.

Flowers has always been a good soldier, always said the right thing and never given any indication he's unhappy. Until there are more stories like this, or until Flowers says he's unhappy, I'm not putting much credit into this report.

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