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Todd Haley still hasn't been paid

It's almost been a year.


Usually when a coach is fired he is due the remainder of his contract with the team. Coaches contracts are usually guaranteed, unlike many of the players contracts.

But when Todd Haley was fired by the KC Chiefs last December, it was reported that the Chiefs were firing him with cause and that they would not pay him the balance of his contract.

We hadn't heard anything more about that so I had assumed Haley ended up getting paid, or else someone would be making a stink out of this.



I'm sure the Chiefs have their reasons, whatever they are. But I'd just point out that there are anywhere from a few to 10 or more head coaches fired each year and this sort of thing usually doesn't happen. Except the Chiefs.

Maybe Haley and the Chiefs should bet the money in question on Monday's game. You think Haley would give us 14 points?

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