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What's your Sunday set-up with no Chiefs game?

What's your set-up when the Chiefs don't play on Sunday?


Sundays without the Chiefs are a little weird. Even if the Chiefs are no good.

The Chiefs play on Monday night this week so there is no game today, which is throwing me a little out of whack. My normal Chiefs schedule involves waking up very early on Sunday and preparing for the noon game. No Chiefs game today changes that.

I used to like the anticipation of playing on Monday night but now that the Chiefs aren't any good it just feels like we're dragging the pain out another day.

I don't pay attention to games nearly as much when the Chiefs aren't playing. I'll have the Broncos-Panthers game on in the background here -- always gotta go with the AFC West -- but I don't be paying attention to football today like I do on a normal Chiefs Sunday.

What do you do on Sundays when the Chiefs aren't playing? And what's your Sunday set-up? I need to spruce up Lil Arrowhead (a/k/a my office) so I'm looking for ideas.

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