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Here's how the Chiefs can beat the Steelers

Besides being lucky, the Chiefs need to let Jamaal Charles return a kickoff.


The Kansas City Chiefs are double digit 'dogs against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football. Almost everyone, including myself, expects the Chiefs to lose this game.

The Steelers are too good. Ben Roethlisberger and the offense are too efficient. The defense is too strong. The Chiefs can't win this game on the road.

I truly believe all that, and believe that the Chiefs will lose.

But, hey, I've been wrong before. It's not impossible for the Chiefs to win this game. I seem to remember a similar situation three years ago, with a crappy Chiefs team pulling it out against the Steelers. So it can happen.

And if it does happen, here's how the Chiefs will do it.

We need the real Jamaal back

Has anyone noticed what Jamaal Charles has done in his last three games? 29 total carries for 83 yards.

That's not the Jamaal we know. He absolutely can not disappear on Monday night, not against the Steelers. I don't know if that's the playcalling's fault, the offensive line's fault or Charles' fault but he has to be a bigger factor than that on Monday.

Minimum 15 touches is what I would say. I'd really like that to be at least 15 carries and a handful of receptions, though.


Dwayne Bowe has to score

The Chiefs have six passing touchdowns on the season. Bowe hasn't scored since September (!!).

That has to change.

The Steelers have said they're preparing for Bowe because they believe he can be a threat. Bowe needs to make sure their preparation is worth it. He has to be on his game and he has to get into the end zone.

The Chiefs best players need to step up in the biggest games. If Bowe is among their best players, they need him at this critical time. Prove it.


Don't let go of Ben Roethlisberger

I can already see it now. The Chiefs will hurry Roethlisberger a dozen times but have no sacks. The Steelers QB is so, so good at avoiding sacks. He's deceptively mobile.

The Chiefs -- lookin' at you Tamba Hali and Justin Houston -- have to hang onto Roethlisberger when they get to him. Don't let him escape your grip. Hold on and bring him to the ground. Don't let him extend plays because that's when he becomes the most dangerous and the Chiefs secondary becomes the most vulnerable.

Hit him. Hang onto him. Sack him. Don't let him get away.


Don't let Mike Wallace be the reason the Steelers win

This is really the one thing I care about in this game (besides the Chiefs winning). I just don't want them to lose via deep passes to Mike Wallace. That would really, really annoy me.

We talked about this the other day. Should the Chiefs focus on stopping Wallace and the deep ball, leaving them vulnerable to the dink and dunk? Or should they stop the intermediate game and leave themselves open with the deep ball? You just know it's gonna be one of those two things.

My answer: stop the deep ball. Don't let it happen. Let our death be a slow one.


Let Jamaal return the opening kick

Back in 2009, a 2-7 Chiefs team faced the big, bad Steelers and on the opening kickoff, Jamaal said see ya.

If you're into making change for change's sake, into making signs and putting them around Arrowhead as motivating factors, then take a trip down memory lane and let Charles return this opening kick.


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