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Chiefs vs. Chargers: Treat it like the Super Bowl

It's not the Super Bowl...but the Chiefs should play like it is.

Jamie Squire

The Kansas City Chiefs will be facing the San Diego Chargers on Thursday night and when they do the Chiefs will be seeing a few familiar faces, including Le'Ron McClain, who was on the Chiefs last year.

McClain said that the Chiefs, at least last year, were able to motivate themselves to face the Chargers by treating it like the Super Bowl.

"Both times last year, they rallied everyone together and just said, ‘Let's play those guys like it's the Super Bowl,' '' he said. "I know those guys are going to come in here like it's their Super Bowl and try to knock us off."

The Chiefs were actually competitive in San Diego last year -- that was the Matt Cassel interception (which one?) game. The past two games before that the Chiefs were not competitive in the slightest. And then when they came back to Kansas City, the Chiefs beat the Chargers, thanks to the Phumble.

If the Chiefs can treat a Week 9 game against a 3-4 opponent like the Super Bowl...well, then that'd be impressive.

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