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Here's how the Chiefs can beat the Chargers

Score more points than them!


The Kansas City Chiefs are 1-6 and 8-point underdogs agains the San Diego Chargers on Thursday NIght Football. They'll probably lose this game -- I'm picking the Chargers, 31-10 -- but that doesn't mean they'll definitely lose.

KC has surprised the Chargers before. They can do it again. Here's how:

Give Jamaal Charles more than five carries

Heck, give him 10! Gasp!

The Chiefs need to ride Charles all season long. He's had two games this year where he's been a non-factor with less than 10 carries. That can't happen. Not when he's the best player on the team and not when your quarterback is Matt Cassel or Brady Quinn.

I want to see a minimum of 20 total touches out of Charles on Thursday night.


Limit the turnovers to two

Yep. Only turn it over twice. That's a key to this game. That would actually be a big upgrade for the Chiefs who are averaging about three turnovers per game. Last time they played the Chargers it was a quick 17-0 in the first quarter due to turnovers.

Every week turnovers are a key for every team in every game. That's especially true with the Chiefs.


Make Philip Rivers make mistakes

He's gonna make a mistake. We all know that. The key is when that mistake will come. Can the Chiefs capitalize if he throws a costly interception? Can they turn a turnover into points? That's the key here. Create turnovers but make them count.

Rivers is on pace for another 20 interception season. He could be without two of his top three receivers in Robert Meachem and Eddie Royal. Take advantage of it.

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Get a lead

Good grief. Just get a lead, even if for one possession. I don't even care so much about winning the game. Just hold a lead for at least one second in a game so people can stop talking about the Chiefs being the first team since the Great Depression to go lead-less through their first seven games.


Score more points than the Chargers

This key is brought to you by Romeo Crennel.


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