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Justin Houston, Tamba Hali show what a pass rushing duo can do for the Kansas City Chiefs

So this is what a team with two pass rushers looks like.

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Peter Aiken - Getty Images

Going into Sunday's game, the Ravens offensive line was talking about the pressure that KC Chiefs linebackers Justin Houston and Tamba Hali bring to the table.

After Sunday's game, we realize why they were so concerned about them.

Hali and Houston played a big role in Sunday's game. The Chiefs lost the game, yes, but the play of the defense -- particularly those pass rushers -- was one of the reasons the game was still close.

Pro Football Focus reviewed the game and came away with this: Hali and Houston combined for 13 pressures in the game. That means Flacco was pressured on nearly half of his throws (27).

So this is what a defense with two pass rushers looks like. It's something we've been waiting for around here for what seems like over a decade (oh wait, it is over a decade).

Read the whole thing from PFF. It's pretty good...defensively, at least.

Did anyone guess Justin Houston would have six sacks five games in?

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