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Details on Peyton Hillis' injury for the Chiefs

Romeo Crennel indicated he has a high ankle injury.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs RB Peyton Hillis has now missed two games after injuring his ankle against the New Orleans Saints in Week 3. We haven't had many details on exactly what's wrong with him but KC Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel gave us a hint when he was asked about Hillis on Monday

"High ankles are always tough," Crennel said of Hillis. "He's making progress. We're going to push him a little bit more this week to see how much he can do. Then, after we push him, we'll be able to tell if he can come back this week or not."

I'm taking "high ankle" to mean high ankle sprain. That's an injury that can last anywhere from a week to six weeks, so we may not be done with Hillis' injury this week. It's still going to be a factor.

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