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More from Eric Winston on Matt Cassel and Chiefs fans

A few more quotes from the Chiefs quotable OT.

John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Kansas City Chiefs OT Eric Winston had some words for the fans who cheered the injury to Matt Cassel. Perusing through my notes I have a few more Cassel-related quotes from Winston.

Here's a little more from Winston on Cassel:

Is that the first time you've ever seen that happen?

"The first time I've ever seen that happen. And I've been on some bad teams and I've been in some tough situations. I've never, ever seen a home crowd cheer that their quarterback got hurt."

Why do you think people do things like that?

"You're going to hear me talk for another 30 minutes about that if it's going to that conversation."

Does that make this not a desirable place to play?

"It has nothing to do with desire. I know they're frustrated. We're frustrated. And I understand the backup quarterback is sometimes the most popular guy on the team. I get it, I get it. But it's not OK. It's not OK and I want everyone to know it's not OK."

You've been accountable and a leader. Why is this your responsibility?

"This isn't my responsibility. This is a responsibility of what I think would be human beings to stand up and say something about this. I don't care if no one else has said something about it or the whole locker room has said something about it. When I feel like there's something wrong, I say it. When I feel like we could be better, I say it. When I feel like I can be better, I'll say it. And this has to be said."

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