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Chiefs' Brady Quinn says 'Matt Cassel's our starter'

Quinn talked to the media after he stepped in and played for Cassel on Sunday against the Ravens.

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Brady Quinn's appearance in the Ravens-Chiefs game after Matt Cassel was hurt was a big one because it's been nearly three years since he appeared in a regular season game. It was Quinn himself who reminded reporters after Sunday's game that the last time he played was on December 20, 2009 -- Browns vs. Chiefs at Arrowhead.

"It felt great to be out there," Quinn told reporters after the game, saying he felt "comfortable".

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Quinn entered the game when Cassel went down with a head injury in the fourth quarter and he actually didn't look too bad in very limited action. He completed all three of his pass attempts including what appeared to be a touchdown to Dwayne Bowe before the Dexter McCluster penalty (or "penalty) called it back.

Twice during his time with the media in the Chiefs locker room Quinn said "Matt's our starter" so he's being a team player about this situation which I think is best described as fluid. On the one hand, I'm sure Quinn wants to play because any competitive person would. On the other hand, you can't really say you hope the starter doesn't come back.

It's a touchy situation. Not that unlike the dilemma many Chiefs fans found themselves in on Sunday. On the one hand, most Chiefs fans did not cheer for an injury. On the other hand, many of them were happy to see Quinn playing over Cassel.

They're both layered situations and talking about them usually results in arguments.

Quinn said he did not hear the fans chanting his name -- it was not throughout the stadium and very sporadic -- but he has to know that he's the most popular guy in town right now. Cassel's concussion means that Quinn needs to be on the ball. He very well could end up playing this weekend against Tampa Bay.

When asked about what he brings to the offense (if he has to bring something to the offense) that Cassel doesn't, Quinn didn't really answer it and said those types of questions are always loaded. "We just want to play a sound football game," Quinn said.

Surely this will be the last time we talk about Quinn and Cassel...right?

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