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The rest of what Eric Winston said after the Ravens-Chiefs game

Winston caused a stir after Sunday's game. Here's the rest of what he said.


When he wasn't starting a firestorm among the fan base, Kansas City Chiefs OT Eric Winston has some really, really interesting things to say after Sunday's loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Instead of pulling certain quotes and writing about different parts of the game, I just transcribed a bunch of interesting answers from Winston while he was talking to reporters. There are like three quotes right in this bunch that are candidates for quote of the year.

The best of Eric Winston yesterday, non-Cassel edition:

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Where does the team go from here?

"It's a tough one because everyone laid it on the line today. I couldn't be more proud of the guys in this locker room for laying it on the line. You guys saw. We should've won. We've said that a lot, way too many times this year -- we should've won. We should've done this. We didn't do it. We lost. That's a good team over there. They're 4-1 and they might be the best team in the AFC."

Is it tougher to get over a loss like this where you had a chance to win?

"Of course. I've played those guys -- this is the third time in two years I've played those guys -- they've been heart breakers every time. I haven't beaten them once yet. They're a tough team to beat, they're a good team but I've never seen a team come out and run the ball like we did to them today. I've never seen someone do that. I have never ever seen someone come out and run the ball on them like we did today. And that better roll over.

"This has to be us every game, every game. A street fight every game. I told everybody in this locker room it has to be a street fight every game. This is who we are. This is who we need to be. This is Kansas City. We need to be a bunch of brawlers. If we have to run it 50 times and the fans boo we ran it on 3rd-and-7 oh well. We're going to be a bunch of brawlers. The defense is going to be a bunch of brawlers. We're not going to turn the ball over anymore and we're going to go get some wins."

Was the game plan to run it so much?

"We come in with -- we didn't say we're not going to pass it -- I just said right from the get go it looked like we could run it. And we're gonna run it. And Daboll kept feeding it to us. I think the offensive line did a great job of getting cuts on the back side, getting push on the front side.

"They were scrambling out there. They didn't know where to line up. They didn't know what to do. I thought it was a heck of a game plan by the coaches."

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