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Concussion for Chiefs' Matt Cassel, according to a report

Matt Cassel reportedly has been diagnosed with a concussion.

Kyle Rivas Getty Images Sport

Kansas City Chiefs' Matt Cassel was knocked out of Sunday's game with a head injury and as many figured after seeing the hit he has been diagnosed with a concussion. This according to a report from Mike Florio of Pro Football Report.

Here's a shot of the play in question.

Eric Winston: Chiefs fans cheering Cassel getting hurt is 'sickening'

Cassel is initially hit by 340-pound defensive tackle Haloti Ngata. He falls backwards into another Ravens player (Pernell McPhee) and hits the ground. You can tell right away that he wasn't going to be getting back up, at least not on his own. He was clearly dazed.

As far as the football field goes, a concussion is a week-to-week thing. But now that we're armed with more information than ever on concussions we know it's a scary injury. Look at Kevin Boss for as an example. He was ruled out for the season after suffering a Week 2 concussion.

This may only cost Cassel a few days. Or maybe it's a few weeks, or a few months. We just don't know.

Romeo Crennel will speak to the media on Monday so that's the earliest we should expect any official update. From there, the Chiefs will practice on Wednesday through Friday and we'll get daily updates on those practices.

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