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Matt Cassel injury: Eric Winston talked to Chiefs QB after the game

Cassel was hurt in Sunday's game and there are few details about his status right now.


Two big story lines came out of Sunday's loss to the Baltimore Ravens with the first being that Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel was hurt during the game and exited early in the fourth quarter. The second story line is Eric Winston calling out those fans who cheered Cassel's injury.

This post weaves those two story lines together.

Read what Winston had to say to the fans here. Later in Winston's conversation with the media, he was asked about Cassel and what his status was.

We'll pick it up in the middle of the conversation...

Are you emotional because, with Matt getting hurt, it's your responsibility to protect him?

"It's my responsibility to protect everybody on this team. And everyone offensive lineman feels like it. I'm not emotional because he got hurt. I don't know what happened on the pay. I don't know why he was hurt. i don't know if he got pushed down and his head hit the ground hard. But that doesn't matter if he took a helmet-to-helmet. It doesn't matter if he hit his head on the ground. It shouldn't happen."

Did you talk to Matt yet?


Is he OK?

"I can't comment on it. I don't know what the state of him is....We had a private conversation."

He was lucid or?

"I don't really know the definition of that. I had a conversation with him. I talked to him, I said, "How are you feeling?" I said some words to him and that's it."

Did you talk about this issue with him, about supporting him when the fans didn't?


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