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Poll: NFL popularity keeps rising

Interest in the NFL continues to rise, according to The Harris Poll.

John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

NFL viewership is at incredible levels right now so it's not surprising to read this release from the NFL that says pro football as popular as its ever been. 10 years ago The Harris Poll found 47 percent of Americans followed the NFL. This year that number is a whopping 59 percent.

"Football remains popular and even shows a rise in interest since last year," The Harris Poll stated. "In 2011, over half of Americans (55%) said they followed professional football - a slight increase from 2010, when 53% said so. This year, that number rises further, with 59% of Americans saying they follow professional football; this is the highest percentage to indicate this since The Harris Poll first started asking the question in 1992."

NFL games are the top eight most watched TV programs since Labor Day, according to the league. And NFL games are the No. 1 show in 98 percent of local markets.

Sports, and football in particular, is one of the few events left that people actually watch live on TV. I can't think of anything else that is appointment viewing outside of sports.

Football is great and, yes, part of me saying that has something to do with me making a living off the sport.

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