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Posterized: Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith

Today we hop in the DeLorean and go back about 20 years. Derrick Thomas. Neil Smith. The Sack / Fumble...

{Check this out in full screen over at my page!}

Happy Red Friday everybody!

I've decided that instead of sitting around and waiting for cool moments in games (who knows how long I'll be waiting), I'm going to revisit (or rather, re-imagine) some cool moments from our past.

These two guys are mutually responsible for my fanhood, as I'm only 26. I didn't live far at all from the stadium when I was a kid, so when these two were on a roll I could hear the roar of the stadium from my backyard. Not a bad thing to grow up near.

Next week I'm going to re-capture something that we've all been yearning for since: The Franchise Quarterback. You're up, Lenny the Cool.

As always, these can be found large on my website.


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