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Either Matt Cassel is playing scared or he's not

So, which one is it?

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

On Wednesday, KC Chiefs QB Matt Cassel spoke to the media and said this, according to the Kansas City Star:

"You can't play scared. You can't play tentative. I have tunnel vision. I go out and try to get better each and every day. I know as the quarterback of this team I've got to do a better job of taking care of the football. That comes first. I take full responsibility for that."

And today, right on time, Albert Breer of NFL Network cites an AFC scout who says of Cassel:

"He's playing scared," another AFC scout said. "Doesn't trust his line. He's a game manager and is struggling to do that job. Teams are trying to stop the run, in order to force him to try and be more than he is. He needs a clean pocket."

So he's playing scared. Unless he's not.

Which one is it?

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