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Odds to win AFC West: KC Chiefs aren't last

Thank the Raiders for the Chiefs avoiding last in the AFC West playoff odds.

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

The odds on winning the AFC West have been updated and to no one's surprise the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos are listed in the top two spots. And to no one's surprise, the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders are both considered longshots to win the division.

The updated odds, courtesy of Bovada, are here:

Odds to Win the 2013 AFC West Division

San Diego Chargers 1/1
Denver Broncos 6/5
Kansas City Chiefs 10/1
Oakland Raiders 12/1

That's a fair assessment of the AFC West the rest of the way. The Chargers and Broncos have clearly been ahead of the Chiefs and Raiders. And, even though the Chiefs three losses have all been blowouts, the Raiders are still the Raiders so they're at the bottom.

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