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Posterized: Souvenir cups hit Arrowhead

After three years, and almost 50 paintings, my artwork has officially landed inside Arrowhead Stadium to help the Chiefs celebrate 50 years in Kansas City.

Chris Sembower

First of all, I just have to say thank you to everyone here. I'm not sure where this whole thing would have gone without Arrowhead Pride. It's one thing to talk about things going viral, but it's another one to actually see it happen.

Also, thank you to everyone who showed up at the giveaway on opening day! It was awesome to meet those of you who ID'd yourselves. Again, sorry to anyone who didn't receive one. I was honestly expecting to have leftovers, but instead the 350 I came with were gone in just over a half hour.

As I'm sure some of you know, the Chiefs did indeed get involved about a year ago and we have been working together sporadically ever since. It's a slow process, but finally some of my work is starting to show up around Arrowhead, beginning with the souvenir cup project. I wanted to share the work I've done with them so far, and answer some of the questions I've been receiving about where to get everything, and what will be happening moving forward.

The cup project is actually a part of my episode of The Chiefs Kingdom, which is a show that the Chiefs put out about the diversity of the fanbase. That is coming up very soon - around October 20th. The episode covers a lot of stuff about the work, and the backstory, which I haven't really talked about much.

There are four souvenir cups, which will be released one at a time, and an alcohol souvenir cup and a popcorn souvenir cup which are available all year long. There is also some stuff that could happen at the end of October, but I can't really say any more about it as of right now. It'll all just have to play itself out. This should mark the beginning of a lot of cool stuff that you guys will be able to get your hands on.

The first cup is a rendering of the Spiral Ramp (the HyVee Hot Zone, to be specific, which you can see above), and the popcorn bucket below has Municipal on the left, Arrowhead on the right, commemorating 50 years in Kansas City.

Enjoy! I should have a Derrick Thomas / Neil Smith painting done very soon.

{Head on over to my page to see these large}

Go Chiefs!

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