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Brady Quinn talks Matt Cassel, the Chiefs starting QB and practice reps

Quinn says his job hasn't changed.

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Brady Quinn is all the rage these days. The backup quarterback is sometimes the most popular guy in town and that's true for those Kansas City Chiefs fans who want to see Matt Cassel replaced.

Quinn was peppered with questions at yesterday's media session about his status entering the week, given the seemingly falling confidence in Cassel. Quinn is handling it like a pro, like Cassel is.

Here's what Quinn said yesterday, via comments sent out by the Chiefs. The money question is at the bottom and it doesn't have a money answer -- Quinn says he's taking the same reps this week as he has before.

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Q: Do you feel like if things continue the way they have been that you'll have a chance to play onSunday?

Quinn: "No, my job hasn't changed. I still go out there and support Matt [Cassel] and the rest of our teammates. We've got a lot of things that we've got to get better on. As a whole, as a team, we've gotta play better complementary football."

Q: You don't think things change when the coach actually raises the possibility that you're going to play?

Quinn: "The only thing that changes is when you have an opportunity to go in and play. Besides that, everything is as is. We continue to work hard, we continue to support each other and stick in our role."

Q: Has it changed your thoughts, preparation or reps this week?

Quinn: "No, I think when you're in a backup role, you always have to prepare like you're a starter.That's no different each week. If you don't do that, you're not preparing yourself to do well, but also for your teammates, you're going to be letting them down, so every week you're always preparing like a starter when you're the backup."

Q: During practice, what do you do to try to stay sharp since you haven't played in a game in a while?

Quinn: "One of the biggest things you try to do is just take mental reps. A lot of times you're back there kind of mimicking while the starting quarterback is going through the rep. You're mimicking that rep as well to try to get that timing and sense of rhythm of the offense. Besides that, you're staying after practice, throwing, working on extra things as well."

Q: Have you done anything with the first team today or last week?

Quinn: "My reps have been the exact same as they have been before."

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