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Chiefs vs. Chargers Q&A: Philip Rivers' mustache, feeling sorry for KC and more

Let's see what John Gennaro thinks about Thursday's game.

Peter Aiken

Chris Thorman's mustache is (or should be) well known around these parts. Chris has been sporting a mustache for, what is it now, Chris, over a year? He even wore the stache at my wedding, and in our pictures (which can't be photoshopped).

So I wonder what Chris, who supports all mustaches and believes the highlight of his life is being compared to Tom Selleck, thought of the mustache brought out by Philip Rivers last week. (Here's a picture of that, and a bunch of photoshopped Rivers' mustaches, which is hilarious).

Chris, you'll have to chime in on the comments and let us know what you think of whatever that was Rivers had.

For more on Rivers mustache and Thursday's game, here's our Q&A with John Gennaro of Bolts From The Blue.

1. Will Norv Turner be fired after this season?

Yes, if he's not fired on Friday or some time before the end of the season.

2. What do you think of Philip Rivers new mustache?

It was great. It lasted for about a week. He shaved it off immediately after the loss to the Browns. Facial hair on quarterbacks is always encouraged and appreciated.

3. How confident are you in the Chargers winning the AFC West?

10%. Maybe. Maybe less. This team has too many flaws and has to play too many good teams in the second half of the season.

4. Do Chargers fans dislike Peyton Manning as much as we do?

Yes and no. We typically like playing him because the Chargers have such a good history against him, at least as a Colt. He'll need to break our hearts one or two more times before we get over that.

5. Do you feel sorry for us?

No. I would if the Chargers weren't almost exactly the same boat as the Chiefs, though.

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