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Kansas City Chiefs need a good showing in back-to-back primetime games

The Chargers on Thursday night and then Pittsburgh next Monday night.

Jamie Squire

The Kansas City Chiefs need to play well on Thursday night, moreso then than other weeks. When you play in primetime, it shapes how many football fans around the country think about your team. Other fans can look at the standings and clearly tell the Chiefs suck right now but playing well on the big stage -- that'd be Thursday night against the Chargers -- can help other fans from thinking the Chiefs are the worst team in NFL history (well...).

"I think any time you play in front of your peers you want to play well," Chiefs' Eric Winston said on Tuesday, via comments sent out by the Chiefs. "I think that's always in the back of peoples' minds when you play Monday nights, Thursday nights, things like that. Even 4 o'clock games, a lot more people are usually watching those than your regular noon games. So it's important to play well, it's always important to play well, but when you're special enough to get some of these night games you want to put on a show. And I think that's something we've got to go do."

It's not so much about being special -- every team will get a primetime game this season. The Chiefs will also play Pittsburgh next Monday night.

I wanna avoid the situation the Chiefs found themselves in last year when they scored 12 total points in back-to-back primetime games -- 34-3 against New England and 13-9 against Pittsburgh. It's not a good look when Tyler Palko is your quarterback and your opponents trot out Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger.

Again, I have set the bar very low for the Chiefs. If they can look better than a Palko-led team, I'm not gonna be too upset.

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