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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 10/31

Today's KC Chiefs news from the internet.

Jamie Squire

The only problem with Halloween, and it's not so much a problem, is that we have so much candy in our house right now and I eat it all day long. I gotta get ahold of myself.

Keep thinking about NJ Chiefs Fan as he fends off Sandy. Here is your Chiefs news for today:

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll defended the Chiefs' use of running back Jamaal Charles in last week's loss to Oakland. Charles was given the ball just eight times between rushes and pass receptions in the 26-16 loss to the Raiders.

"Jamaal is a good player . . . and give Oakland credit,'' Daboll said. "They did a nice job of stopping the run. We tried to move it some other ways. Every week is a new week.

Daboll defends how Chiefs used Charles | KC Star

"We're familiar with San Diego, and they're familiar with us," said Cassel, who is 2-4 in his career against the Chargers. "It will be a great atmosphere, it will be a nationally televised game at night, and everyone is excited in this locker room."

Quinn was injured in the first quarter of the 26-16 loss to Oakland and replaced by Cassel. Quinn was evaluated by doctors Monday and had he been cleared to play, would be starting Thursday. Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel said a decision on Quinn's prognosis for upcoming games will be determined after he undergoes more tests.

Cassel to replace injured Quinn | KC Star

Nate Eachus and Brady Quinn have each been declared officially out for Thursday's game, which means that Ricky Stanzi is now the primary back-up for the time being.

Eachus will limit the backfield somewhat, but the return of Hillis, who is completely off of the injury report, helps that significantly.

Chiefs injury report includes Routt, Eachus | SB Nation KC

Romeo Crennel can try to mix it up at quarterback all he wants but it doesn't matter. They say it is the most important position on the field, but that maxim does not hold true for the Chiefs as currently constructed. Running back is the team's most important position and the best a quarterback can do is to simply not mess it up. Unfortunately that's all the Chiefs quarterbacks have done in 2012.

Cassel, Quinn and the interchangeable spot as Chiefs QB | KC Star

This past weekend the Chiefs Community Caring Team hosted the 20th annual First Downs for Down Syndrome (FDFDS) Step Up Walk in an effort to raise awareness and funds to support education and medical needs in youth with Down syndrome.

FDFDS is the charity of choice for the Chiefs offensive linemen who greeted the participants as they were getting ready to cross the start line. On Saturday, 345 teams participated in the walk which consisted of 8,659 people walking to step up for Down syndrome.

First downs for down syndrome step up walk |

RANDY COVITZ (KANSAS CITY STAR): How is Matt Cassel doing jumping back into the starting roll,especially on the short week?

DABOLL: "It's a short week, so Matt did a good job of being ready to go last week when his numberwas called, stepping in not having any reps. So now he's got another opportunity to come out here andplay. When you have a short week you don't try to put everything in the game plan because you onlyhave so many days to practice and a lot of it is at walkthrough tempo - yesterday - today was a littlemore upbeat. So expecting to prepare, we played this team a few weeks back, there are definitely somesimilarities and they did some good things against us so you take a look at that game that you playedand then you take a look at the Denver game, the Saints game, the Browns game - which was a little bitof a bad weather type game - but he's played against these guys in terms of the personnel. Then thescheme, some of it I'm sure will be different from game one to game two but they did some good thingsin the first game."

OC Brian Daboll press conference

Q: Do you look at this as an opportunity at a second chance?

CASSEL: "I'm excited to be playing. As I told you guys last week, my approach doesn't change. I'mstill going to go out and I'm going to work hard. I am excited to be playing this week and starting. It'sunfortunate for Brady [Quinn], but at the same time, we've got to move forward and it's a short week.Preparation has to be put in these next few days to get ready to go, and then we've got to go out thereand play well."

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