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Matt Cassel or Brady doesn't really matter

The outcome will still probably be the same.

Jamie Squire

The news that Brady Quinn is out and Matt Cassel will start for the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football shouldn't change much against the San Diego Chargers.

Cassel is still Cassel. He still turns the ball over a lot. The Chiefs still aren't a very good team.

I thought Matt Conner described it well here --interchangeable.

Yet it's also clear that no matter if it was Matt Cassel or Brady Quinn, none of this even matters. The two are interchangeable at this point. While Quinn might have a few fans who would beg to differ, it's clear at this point that neither one should be under center next season if whoever is in charge wants to keep the fans -- or their job.

If this move were happening at a time when the Chiefs weren't 1-6, I would venture to say that a change (again) could be a good thing, a spark, but really, it won't matter.

Brady Quinn starting a game would mean a little more because he hasn't been in Kansas City for the last three years so we still hold out that itsy bitsy .01 percent hope that he could turn into something. Hope...that's what Brady Quinn provides, even if it's false hope.

I can usually find some angle to get excited about with the Chiefs game each week but with Cassel back it's extremely hard to do that this week. I could get a little more excited about Quinn because he's something different. I heard some other NFL fans making fun of Chiefs fans for thinking Quinn would be better than Cassel. But that's not it. That's not why we were excited. We were excited for change, something different...not necessarily something better.

We can't even have change for change's sake this week.

This week sucks. This season sucks. You know it's bad when you can't get excited about your team playing in primetime. I'm a depressed Chiefs fan.

Does anyone think things would be different whether it was Cassel or Quinn playing?

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