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Six thoughts on a possible Dwayne Bowe trade

Guessing it probably won't happen.


The NFL trade deadline has been moved back to Thursday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. (Arrowhead Time) due to Hurricane Sandy. Dwayne Bowe is one of the top names on the trade deadline rumor mill. We don't know whether he'll be traded but we can guess, speculate and all that good stuff.

1. The minimum should be a third round pick

If Bowe left the Chiefs as a free agent after this year, they'd probably get a third round compensatory pick in the 2014 draft, assuming Bowe signs a big contract somewhere else. Because of that a third round pick would have to be the minimum you'd accept for trading Bowe.

2. Better to get a draft pick in 2013 than 2014

A draft pick in 2013 is more valuable than a draft pick in 2014, especially for GM Scott Pioli. He doesn't know if he'll be here in two years, let alone next year. So if he wants to be the one making the pick on anything received in exchange for Bowe, it'd better be a 2013 draft pick. The way to do that is trading Bowe.


3. Bowe's contract, or lack thereof, makes this really hard

Any team who gives up, say, a second round pick for Bowe has no assurances he will stay with them beyond 2012 because he's a free agent after the season. That lowers Bowe's value. And if you lower Bowe's value, it makes it less likely Bowe gets traded.

4. Who's interested?

Nothing credible. We're getting a lot of reporters casually linking teams and players (like Seattle) or we can speculate on our own that other teams (like Miami) could/should be interested. But that's about it.

Who couldn't use a receiver like Bowe?


5. Should he get traded?

GM Scott Pioli and Bowe's camp are the ones who should know this. As usual, the negotiations (or lack thereof) have been fairly quiet. It's been reported that Bowe wants out of Kansas City but to be fair he hasn't said anything like that and there aren't any on-the-record quotes like that.

But if Pioli thinks he can re-sign Bowe after the season, then he shouldn't consider trading him. If not, it's best to deal him now...assuming you think you can get more than a third round pick for him.

6. Will he get traded?

I'm saying no. The NFL trade deadline isn't very exciting. Deals don't get done often. There'd have to be an injury for a team to be spurred to make a big decision. I don't see it happening.

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