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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 10/30

Looking ahead to the Chargers on Thursday night, here's your Chiefs news for today.

Jamie Squire

Here's your round of Tuesday Arrowheadlines:

Chiefs vs. Chargers, Game 8- (Game preview)

The Chiefs were never as good as we thought- Arrowhead Addict

How low can they go? That seems to be the only question left to answer at this point for the Chiefs. Let there be no mistake, the Kansas City Chiefs are the worst team in professional football right now, and will almost certainly remain so through the rest of the 2012 season.

Moving On: Kansas City Chiefs - ESPN's Bill Williamson

Biggest area to fix: Simply competing. The Chiefs are currently incapable of staying with opponents. They fall behind and they can't catch up. Seriously, Kansas City, try leading a game for once.

Crennel says Raiders 'loaded up' against run - KC Star

"As you looked at the Raiders' defense, part of their problem has been the passing game," Crennel said. "When you start game-planning a little bit, maybe you try to take advantage of what has been happening to them in the passing game, and we were able to move the ball some, and they loaded up against the run. That leads you to try and throw it a little bit more."

Chiefs have reached historical level of ineptitude - The Oklahoman

The Chiefs are beyond disappointment, beyond even the kind of stink that makes your eyes water, and are now neck-deep in the all-time pool of pathetic with Matt Millen's Lions, Turner Gill's Jayhawks and Buddy Bell's Royals.

VIDEO: Cheerleader Chatter -

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