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Tamba Hali compares Ray Rice's trash talk to Philip Rivers

“I don’t remember a lot of running backs talking that much trash," Hali said.

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

If you can tell from the TV broadcast this weekend, look to see if there's a little extra jawing going on between KC Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali and Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. Hali said in an interview with the Baltimore media (via Baltimore Sun) on Wednesday that Rice is a pretty big trash talker.

"I don't remember a lot of running backs talking that much trash," Hali said during a conference call Wednesday. "Usually, running backs are quiet and get their job done, but he's one of those guys - he's a mouthful. [San Diego Chargers quarterback] Philip Rivers talks a lot of trash. Maybe I would compare him to Philip Rivers."

Rivers definitely has the body language of someone who does a lot of trash talking. Or complaining. Or something.

Tamba said it's "not dirty trash" with Rice but "good trash" (which sounds a lot weirder when you type it out).

Rice tells the Baltimore Sun that he's not a trash talker, but he did say he got into it with a player on the Chiefs during the playoff game two years ago, someone who was "playing very dirty" and twisting ankles under the pile, spitting, and doing some things." He wouldn't name the player but said he's no longer on the team.

As the Baltimore Sun astutely points out, there are four starters from that game no longer with the Chiefs: Shaun Smith, Ron Edwards, Mike Vrabel and Brandon Carr.

Now which one of those guys would do something like that?

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