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The Kansas City Chiefs hope to be one of these teams

Even at 1-3, the Chiefs still have a shot.

Chris Graythen - Getty Images

Here's your hope, KC Chiefs fans.

The Chiefs are currently 1-3 with a home game against the Ravens looming. But there's still hope.

A little bit.

There's your hope.

Stats like that are why the NFL is so great. The Chiefs are 1-3, they have one of the worst point differentials in the league and there's still a slim (OK, very slim) part of me that thinks they can get this thing turned around.

Hey, the AFC West isn't that good. Peyton Manning hasn't looked brilliant all the time. Philip Rivers still loves him some interceptions. And LOLraiders.

Unfortunately, the rest of me sees what's happened through a month of the season, a decent sample-size, and it's not so pretty.

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