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Ravens vs. Chiefs: Jamaal Charles, others need to 'blast' their way through fumbling problem

Protecting the football is the top priority on Sunday against the Ravens.

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

Last week's game showed the Kansas City Chiefs have a problem.

OK, a lot of problems.

But one of them stood out and it's of course related to turnovers -- the fumbling problem. KC had four fumbles in the game and three of those were lost to the San Diego Chargers.

Romeo Crennel said on Monday that the team does work on protecting the ball in practice and that will become more of a focus this week.

"Well normally we work on hanging on to the ball," Crennel said Monday, via comments sent out by the Chiefs, "carrying the ball high and tight. In practice the defensive guys try to strip the ball and pull it out. We have a blaster that they run through. So going forward, rather than once a week, we might have to start doing it once a day to emphasize that we need to hang on to it and we need to carry it high and tight.

"Like on the first one, Jamaal was running with it and I thought he had pretty good position on it but when they stopped him, the linebacker just grabbed it and ripped it out. It wasn't because he was carrying it loosely or anything like that, the linebacker just ripped it away from him on that."

"But we'll put emphasis on it and like I said, more than once a week and maybe every day this week we'll run them through the blaster and we'll make sure the defensive guys try to grab and rip the ball out."

Good. As noted earlier, the Chiefs can't turn the ball over in this game. One problem area could be Matt Cassel as he avoids the Ravens pass rush. He has to hang onto the ball and realize that a sack is better than a turnover.

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