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Chiefs might have to wait until offseason to address major issues

Former Chiefs defensive star Bill Maas says the Chiefs cannot fix their problems in the middle of the season.

Peter Aiken

The Kansas City Chiefs have some major issues and concerns, and the tipping point has likely been reached. But the team has yet to announce any major moves other than the recent shift from starting quarterback Matt Cassel to Brady Quinn.

In a recent interview on 610 Sports on Fescoe in the Morning, former Chiefs defensive star Bill Maas took some time to give his thoughts on the team's poor performance. In the interview, he raised an interesting point about the timing of the change -- something that is key to understand.

"Unfortunately there are some things that you can fix during the season and then there are things that you can't fix," said Maas. "The Chiefs have that right now.

"This isn't gonna be something where they fix some things and make some adjustments and improve and get things worked out and put a better product on the field. If that's the case, then it would be have been ironed out a long time ago."

It's rare to find a team that will change general managers in the middle of a season. The Cleveland Browns recently switched ownership and Mike Holmgren immediately said he was stepping aside, yet even they are waiting until the end of the season to make it official.

If the Chiefs wanted to make a coaching change, then perhaps that could come sooner than later. Then again, the team is not even halfway through the season, so giving Romeo Crennel the axe at this point would be a quick hook and would force Scott Pioli to find a third head coach in the last 12 regular season games.

While Chiefs fans would love for the ownership and/or front office to announce sweeping changes, the middle of a short week for the team is not likely to bring any such news. Perhaps a trade before the deadline will herald some changes ahead, but it's likely to be quiet for a while around Arrowhead concerning any drastic measures.

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