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NFL trade deadline: Will the Chiefs make a move?

The Chiefs are having a season to forget at 1-6 through Week 8. Will they make a move to gain draft assets before the NFL trade deadline?

Jamie Squire

The NFL trade deadline was officially moved back two weeks with the new collective bargaining agreement, which means that the Tuesday after Week 8, not Week 6, is the final time for teams to make a move. While trades in the NFL are rare, they are not unfounded and the later date allows teams that much more time to make an accurate assessment of their ability to compete.

Enter the Chiefs at 1-6. The team was hoping for some momentum after the bye week, but that was deflated with another loss to the Oakland Raiders at home. That means that some moves could be forthcoming.

The schedule gets easier for Kansas City in the second half, with many of their AFC West games still to go. However, the Chiefs have exhibited no reasons to believe they could turn things around. Thus the deadline presents a quandary. Should they abandon ship for the sake of future assets? If so, who could go?

Dwayne Bowe is the most obvious candidate for a move since he's already been mentioned in a recent trade rumor to the Miami Dolphins. The wide receiver could net some draft considerations, and ESPN's Bill Williamson believes he could even net a second round and then some:

If Bowe leaves as a free agent, the best the Chiefs will do is a compensatory draft pick in 2014. The highest it would be is No. 97, at the end of the third round. By trading Bowe, the Chiefs could get two picks. At least one would be higher than at the end of the third round, and the picks probably would be in next year's draft. I think the Chiefs could get a second-round pick with perhaps a condition for another pick by trading Bowe now.

Beyond Bowe, the Chiefs have a number of deals to reach with other players as well. Glenn Dorsey can walk after this season. Branden Albert is in the same position. Tyson Jackson's contract, as it stands, will need to be restructured. Perhaps one of the defensive linemen could be dealt for a draft asset or two.

Then again, the Chiefs are three games out of first place with their two games remaining against the Broncos. Should they really pack up at this point? Despite the dominant opinion that the team is horrible, there is realistically a lot of football to go. While many fans want to cash in the 2012 season for any future value that the Chiefs can get, the team hasn't even reached the halfway point of the season.

The next two days will be interesting to see whether the Chiefs stand pat or whether the unloading begins.

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