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Derrick Johnson: 'We have to stick together'

The Kansas City Chiefs are hoping to figure out what is wrong as they prep for the Chargers during a short week.


After the painful loss to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, the Chiefs were left frustrated and searching for answers. While some players had the capability of looking forward, many of them spoke honestly about the state of the team.

Pro Bowl linebacker Derrick Johnson was one such player who commented on the "tough nature" of the game and ultimately admitted that he gets "tired of losing."

"It's tough, football is just tough regardless," said Johnson. "No matter if you win the game or lose the game, it is just tough. Right now we're getting the short end of the stick - it's unfortunate.

"As a player, you get tired of losing, and that's where we are now. It's hard to explain; you go out and prepare all week and (Oakland) goes out and does what you expect them to do, but we still come up short."

Johnson also admitted that he didn't know what the Chiefs were going to do looking ahead to the Chargers. They're a team with too many questions and not enough answers, and Johnson's remarks reveal as much. Yet despite the frustrations, it's clear that there is still enough camaraderie and positive energy among the players that they can start to come together and find the answers as a group

"I don't know right now," said Johnson. "We're going to watch film and figure it out. We have to stick together - we do more together than apart. It is one of those years. It's going to be a tough year, and we have to stick it out.

"We are pros, and we are going to be pros about it; we have to go out there and treat every day like that, we can't be moping around, and we can't be licking our wounds," added tackle Eric Winston.

"We are a tough team with good character guys," said Johnson. "I don't think that will be an issue."

It's Game Time.

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