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Raiders coaches applaud Arrowhead environment and noise

As the Oakland Raiders come to Arrowhead for their annual visit, the team's coaches say that they've been preparing the players for the noise and environment.

G. Newman Lowrance

Say what you want about the Oakland Raiders current winning streak at Arrowhead Stadium, but that isn't stopping the team's coaches from preparing as if they will have a major challenge on their hands against the Chiefs.

Head coach Dennis Allen and offensive coordinator Greg Knapp are not arrogant enough to believe that the current Chiefs record at 1-5 will make Sunday's game an easy one for the Raiders. In fact, the coaches know that even the stadium and fans can play a crucial factor in trying to escape with a win.

"That's one of the loudest venues I've been to," said Knapp. "It's one of the loudest outdoor venues I've been to. Their fan base is really into it. That's why we work crowd noise here. It can become very loud there."

Allen was positive about the match-up and said he looked forward to leading his team into Kansas City.

"I think it's a great environment to play in," said Allen. "It's a tough arena. They've traditionally played very well there. I look forward to going there and playing at their place because I think it's a good environment for football."

While both teams comprise the worst in the AFC West, fans should still expect an emotional battle between two long-time rivals playing for the 107th time against each other. It's hard to ignore history like that, meaning that fans should still be charged even if the team's performance to date has been frustrating.

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