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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 10/6

Lots of Kansas City Chiefs news today. Most of it beating up on Scott Pioli and Tamba Hali.

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Good morning! Do you have your Red on? It's Red Friday of Raiders week and if you don't care about that, there's not much I can do to help. Doesn't matter what our record is. Doesn't matter who our QB is. Those guys need kicked in the teeth. Here's your KC Chiefs news. Go Chiefs!

Chiefs Fans Feel Ignored from KC Star

Some inside the Chiefs' offices think this is all blown out of proportion. They blame the 1-5 record, ignoring that losing only exposes issues that have been building for years. They point to letters from fans who are still supportive, but comfort taken in the relative few who refuse to acknowledge their problems is as counterproductive as worry over the relative few who refuse to see any positives.

The Chiefs do too much of both, which is a small but telling example of how they helped create this mess.

The Chiefs are run by smart people who care. The aggravating part is their lousy way of showing it to the masses.

Chiefs' Running Game Get Boost With Hillis' Return from KC Star

Hillis, who suffered a high ankle sprain in last month's game against New Orleans, returned to practice this week...

"...It's been rough. You kind of lose (your) identity," Hillis said. "You want to get back on the field just because of how things are and you know you can help the team win. I want to get back there to gain some confidence and help the team win."

Stanschi: My Take from The Mothership

While the Chiefs are looking for their first victory at home, the Raiders are searching for their first road win of the 2012 campaign. To say the least, this should be a hard fought battle at Arrowhead this week in front of a standing room only crowd. So my plea to Chiefs fans... there's no better time than Sunday to make every decibel count! With Arrowhead at its loudest, a refreshed Chiefs squad coming off a bye and with a despised Raiders team coming into town, this is definitely a game that will be filled with emotion and drama.

Game Day Activites: Chiefs vs Raiders from The Mothership

Halloween Costumes
Don't get tricked... Let this be a Halloween warning!! Costumes are permitted but may delay your entry through security and they must follow stadium guidelines listed below.

Chiefs Partner With TeamSmile To Host seventh-Annual Kansas City Oral Healthcare Day from The Mothership

Members of the Chiefs Community Caring Team will host the seventh-annual "Kansas City Oral Healthcare Day" in conjunction with TeamSmile. The initiative provides complementary dental care and education to local youth in need. Hundreds of children are scheduled to receive much-needed dental care again this year, the value of which reaches hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Flaws Of Chiefs GM Exposed from ESPN

Now we all can see how silly that notion was. The first three major decisions Pioli made with the Chiefs went as follows: (1) He hired Todd Haley as head coach. (2) He traded for quarterback Matt Cassel. (3) He used the third overall selection in the 2009 draft on defensive end Tyson Jackson. The team ultimately fired Haley last December after an ugly, heavily publicized rift developed between him and Pioli. Cassel was just benched this week after producing 14 turnovers in his first five starts. Jackson remains on the roster, which is the only noteworthy thing that can be said about his NFL career thus far.

Chiefs A Mess from The Boston Herald

Needless to say old Patriots friends - general manager Scott Pioli, head coach Romeo Crennel and quarterback Matt Cassel -are being roasted by local sports-talkers and bloggers. In fact, Cassel lost his job to Brady Quinn.

Sunday, the Chiefs host Oakland in the continuation of a fierce rivalry that dates back to the old AFL days. The Raiders are a 1-point underdog and, despite having problems of their own, get our call.

Top Ten With A Twist: GMs Who Should Be On The Hot Seat from CBS Sports

1. Scott Pioli, Chiefs: The expectations for Pioli when he first took the job in 2009, especially coming from all that success in New England, were high to turn around a struggling franchise, but one of Pioli's early mistakes was to pay quarterback Matt Cassel $63 million. Kansas City made the playoffs in 2010, but the Chiefs have struggled ever since and have been particularly terrible this season. Pioli's reputation as an arrogant, stubborn and paranoid GM doesn't help. It's hard to see him surviving this season. Regular-season record with Pioli in charge: 22-32.

As Chill In Air Grows, Hot Seats Come Out from USA Today

Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel, Kansas City Chiefs. While Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has not sent any public signals suggesting his brain trust is in jeopardy, fans are getting restless amid a 1-5 start. There's a Save Our Chiefs site on Twitter with 70,000-plus followers. Will fourth-year GM Pioli get another offseason to draft the quarterback of the future? His 2009 trade for the quarterback of the future, Matt Cassel, has been a bust.

Crennel is just in his first full season, but his fate is likely tied to Pioli's.

Worst NFL Contracts: No Running From CJ2K from ESPN

Tyson Jackson, DE, Kansas City Chiefs (five years, $56.2 million): Scott Pioli drafted Jackson with the third pick of the 2009 draft to be a mainstay in the Chiefs' 3-4 defense. The problem is that Jackson and Glenn Dorsey come off the field when opponents go to three- and four-receiver sets. In only one game this season has Jackson been on the field for more than 40 plays. He has two sacks and 139 tackles in four seasons and his salary goes to $14.72 million next year, the final year of his contract.

Time For Scott Pioli To Go? from ESPN

We have discussed the subject often on this blog and I'm sure we will continue to do so unless the 1-5 Chiefs turn their season around. I think ownership likes Pioli and it wants to get him a chance to find a new quarterback and move on. But things can change as the season goes on.

One Last Hoorah from The Dodge City Daily Globe

Bartko, along with Billy Graham, Calum Munro and Trina Grace Waugh, make up Leavenworth football's First Downs for Down Syndrome program.

F.D.F.D.S., which is sponsored by the Kansas City Chiefs, is a joint fundraising effort between the club and area high school football teams. The endeavor is designed to create awareness, raise money and provide additional resources to benefit individuals with Down syndrome.

Brady Quinn Unpopular? Not In K.C. from ESPN

A Forbes poll come up with the top 10 most and least liked NFL players. Curiously, at No. 10 of the least liked players is Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn.

Quinn was named the starting quarterback in Kansas City this week, replacing Matt Cassel. Chiefs fans are delighted by the move.

I find it strange that Quinn would be on the list, anyway.

Hali Crap! Chiefs Linebacker Calls Raiders Dirty from The Toronto Sun

The Oakland Raiders are a dirty team, according to a Kansas City Chiefs player who, six weeks ago, allegedly wrenched one Buffalo player's head and viciously twisted another's arm.

So he'd know dirty, evidently.

It's a tradition," Chiefs outside linebacker Tamba Hali told the Kansas City Star on Wednesday. "The Raiders, they come in, they cheap shot, they hit you."

Chiefs' Tamba Hali: Oakland Raiders Always Play Dirty from

The 2012 Raiders? The 2-4 Raiders? Did Bill Romanowski walk through that door? Did Steve Wisniewski turn back the clock? Did Jack Tatum re-sign?

The Raiders aren't even among the 15 most-penalized teams in the NFL. These Raiders?

Raiders Take Issue With Chiefs LB Tamba Hali's Accusation That They 'Play Dirty' from CBS Sports

The Raiders have long had an image of being NFL rebels who push the rules to the limit and beyond. Last year they set NFL single-season records for penalties and penalty yards last season, but new coach Dennis Allen has stressed the importance of playing smart, disciplined football. The Raiders have been penalized just 40 times for 311 yards. That's an average of 6.7 penalties and 51.9 penalty yards per game.

"I have no idea what he's talking about," Raiders guard Cooper Carlisle said. "I feel like we play within the rules."

"I don't think we're dirty," Raiders cornerback Michael Huff said. "I just think we play physical, aggressive football, like it's supposed to be played."

Raiders Hope To Take Momentum Into Kansas City from CBS Sacramento

Nothing is worse than when you lose players to injuries in practice and that's what happened on Wednesday to the Raiders. Starting defensive end Matt Shaughnessy suffered a shoulder injury, backup wide receiver Juron Criner sustained a hip injury and backup safety Mike Mitchell was struck with an ankle injury.

And for another week, the Raiders will be without Khalif Barnes. The starting right tackle has been out for a month with a groin injury.

Raiders Rant: Tamba Hali Crying About How Raiders Play Is Just Laughable from SBN Bay Area

Hali is obviously just trying to get in the heads of the Raiders and the refs ahead of their game this weekend, but he is making himself look rather stupid in doing so. If you're going to provide a team with black board material, at least try to make it sound realistic and try not to do it after you've been suspended by the league.

Week 8 Predictions: Falcons Lose First Game; Cowboys Top Giants from

The Kansas City Chiefs look good early at home, but then Run DMC revs up. Give Darren McFadden a 77-yard touchdown run in this game, with the Oakland Raiders getting a nice outing from Carson Palmer, too. McFadden's performance will be outdone only by the Raiders' defense, which actually decides to play football this week. Of course, with Brady Quinn starting at quarterback for K.C., the task at hand is much easier. Dwayne Bowe will get his signature garbage-time touchdown, but it certainly won't be enough to overcome turnovers. The Chiefs lead the NFL with 21 giveaways.

Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez Most Overreated: Survey from The Toronto Sun

On Wednesday, Peyton Hillis compared himself to fellow Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles like this.

Hillis said Charles was a Ferrari and he was a 1972 El Camino.

Asked Thursday if Hillis was right, Charles said, "He's kind of right -- compared to me, he's like a big truck to me, a big monster truck. And I'm more like a Lambourghini."

Er, do you even know what an El Camino was, Jamaal?

"No. What is it?"

Oakland Raiders Kicker Sebastian Janikowski Usually On Target At Arrowhead Stadium from The San Jose Mercury News

If Mila and Vi Janikowski haven't heard about Arrowhead Stadium yet, it's only a matter of time.

It happens to be a special place to their father, Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski. As good as Janikowski is any NFL venue, he is otherworldly in Kansas City.

"I just feel comfortable there," Janikowski said Thursday.

AFC West Roundup: Ex-Bronco Backup QB Brady Quinn To Start For Chiefs from The Denver Post

Good to know: When it comes to turnovers, the Chiefs are sporting the trifecta of doom at the moment. Not only are they last in the league in turnover margin, at minus-15, but they are also last in the league in interceptions (11) and fumbles lost (10).

Nickel Coverage: Momentum Builds For Titans' CJ2K, Saints from The NY Post


Just typing that phrase makes me want to puke, but not as much as Romeo Crennel probably wanted to when he declared Brady Quinn the winner of the quarterback competition in Kansas City. Quinn, who before this season hadn't thrown a regular season NFL pass in two years, will get the start at home against Oakland in Week 8. Think about how bad things must be for the Chiefs when a player who has a career high of 5.82 yards per attempt is getting the start.

Raiders' Penalties Soar In Past Four Weeks from ESPN

Oakland averaged just five penalties in the first three games. It has averaged nine penalties since the lockout ended. Its change average is tied for the highest in the NFL. The Raiders set NFL records for penalties and penalty yardage last season.

Kansas City and San Diego are both averaging three more penalties a game with the permanent officials, which is tied for the fourth-highest average in the league.

One Guy To Watch from ESPN

Kansas City safety Eric Berry: Berry is slowly coming back from a torn ACL he suffered in Week 1 last season. Berry has struggled in coverage and he is not as explosive yet. It will come, but it's not here yet. Let's see if he can improve Sunday against visiting Oakland. Video: From The Podium: Romeo Crennel Press Conference Video: From The Locker Room 10-25-12 Photo Gallery: Healthy Halloween 2012 Video: Preview: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs Video: Weather Update: Raiders @ Chiefs

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