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Darren McFadden has earned respect of Chiefs coaches, players

The Raiders star running back is having a difficult time coming back from Lisfranc injury, but the Chiefs are still focused on stopping him on Sunday.


Darren McFadden has rushed for 324 yards this season. He also has 2 touchdowns. If those numbers sound like the focus of an offense, then you would assume that offense is not very good.

It's obvious to those paying attention that McFadden is having a down year as he attempts to come back from a Lisfranc injury that took him out in 2011 halfway through an incredible year. Through 7 games last season, the Raiders halfback had 614 yards and was on a career-high pace. Then he never returned after the injury and the Raiders offense changed with it.

This year, he's clearly not the same back, but he's slowly getting better. Still, he's a player the Chiefs are focusing upon in their preparation for the upcoming Raiders game. They know first-hand just how dangerous DMC can be for the Raiders offense.

"Darren McFadden is one of the better running backs in the league," said linebacker Derrick Johnson. "He's big and fast, so he can take it 80 yards or he can get you the tough five yards if you need it. He runs between the tackles and he runs outside and catches the ball all the time. He's second or third leading in pass receptions.

"So they get the ball to him and he's definitely going to be a key to stopping their offense and we'll definitely have to have our antennas up on him."

Head coach Romeo Crennel agrees that McFadden presents a big game dynamic for the Oakland offense.

"The guy is fast, he runs hard, and if you give him a seam, he can run for a touchdown," said Crennel on Wednesday. "I think against Pittsburgh he ran for a touchdown, about a 64-yarder, so we're going to try not to give him a seam."

McFadden is averaging only 3.1 yards per carry in '12.

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