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Derrick Johnson: 'We've got to come out like crazy dogs'

Derrick Johnson talks about the "crazy" nature of Raiders-Chiefs games.


Derrick Johnson says you need at least one year under your belt -- one year to truly understand what will take place Sunday afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium. When the Chiefs and Raiders play for the 107th time in their history, it will be a game unlike any other on the Chiefs' schedule for 2012, and Johnson says it will be a learning experience for the team's rookies.

"You at least have to be a Chief for one year, one year at least, just to go through the atmosphere, how crazy it is, fan-to-fan, and just see how our fans stand up and come out and support us for Raider Week," said Johnson on Thursday.

"Traditionally it's just a big game. It's traditionally a physical game. From a defensive standpoint I just can't wait to play them."

The Chiefs Pro Bowl linebacker knows it well. He's been around long enough to experience the highs and lows of the series. Safety Kendrick Lewis agrees and says that winning against the Raiders means more than a typical victory.

"I wouldn't say it's different, it's just a bigger rivalry. It means more to our fans, to our organization, it means more. As a division, we want to play and beat everybody.

"This one just means more because of our history, the guys who came and played before us, what it meant to them. That's what makes it so good."

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