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Chiefs practice report: Dorsey, Hillis getting close

Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel spoke against on Thursday about the team's practice and injury status, and it sounds like some key players could finally return to the field on Sunday.


As the Chiefs prep for their upcoming AFC West showdown against the Raiders, the team has more players to work with than any other point in the 2012 NFL season. Early season injuries have taken their toll from the outset, but some key players like Peyton Hillis and Glenn Dorsey seem likely to play on Sunday. At the very least, they are earning more practice time on Thursday.

"All the players are going to practice again today," said head coach Romeo Crennel on Thursday morning. "We are still looking at [Peyton] Hillis, [Glenn] Dorsey, [Steve] Maneri and [Devon] Wylie. We are encouraged by the work that they had on Wednesday, though. I hope they continue to improve."

Crennel also said that the Chiefs have looked good coming out of the bye week, which bodes well for their hopes and momentum heading into Sunday's game.

"I thought we had good work on Wednesday, so we made good progress in our preparations for the Raiders, and today we're going to add more and try to get better. That's been the focus."

In terms of today's practice, the Chiefs will be inside due to inclement weather. With guys just getting healthy again, the last thing that KC needs is a practice injury.

"Because of the rain and the wind, I'm going to go inside today rather than go outside because I don't want to risk a pulled muscle and guys slipping and things like that, so go inside and get work today," said Crennel. "They say that tomorrow the rain should be out of here so we should be able to get outside and work again tomorrow. With that, I'll open it up."

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