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Polygon: Introducing the newest member of the Vox Media family

The Vox Media family officially announced another member today with the introduction of Polygon, a new site devoted to gaming.

You've probably already noticed that this is not Chiefs related, so feel free to ignore if you like. But we'd be remiss if we didn't not the official launch of the latest member of the Vox Media family today. is now up and running and we are all quite excited about it for both its design and content.

For those of you into video games, Polygon should be an automatic bookmark. As for myself, I am not sure I've played a video game in the last decade with any regularity. However, I will say that Polygon has already proven very interesting for me because of its attention to the stories behind the games and the people who play them.

In short, it treats its subjects with importance -- and a good story holds a resonant power with everyone despite its category. I hope you all give Polygon a welcome and visit. It's in good hands and should become a go-to destination for those of you interested.

Also feel free to check out some of the coverage from Adweek and Forbes.

Now back to the Chiefs.

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