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Brady Quinn on Chiefs fans: 'We need them'

While the Chiefs fan base has been frustrated with the team's lack of success, new starting quarterback Brady Quinn says the team 'needs' fan support.


There's no denying the frustration of the Chiefs fan base at this point in the season. While many fans still actively support the team, there are some calling for organized ways to get the attention of team owner Clark Hunt to make sweeping changes. Whether it's a banner flying overhead or heated comments on talk radio (or here at AP), no one is happy with the Chiefs current record of 1-5.

Of course, the same could be said of the players and staff. Over the weekend, the Chiefs made the decision to change starting quarterbacks and announced that move on Monday. General Manager Scott Pioli has admitted the need to turn things around quickly. Every player understands the need for a win.

Yet through it all, the Chiefs players are also hoping that the fans will stick with them as they try to right the ship. When asked about the fan response against the Raiders on Sunday and whether or not they would be more energized, Quinn responded with a statement that goes beyond the Sunday's contest.

"I hope so," Quinn said. "We need them. We need every single person in that fan base rooting for us and cheering us, come good or bad. We need them to have our backs all the way until the end. That's how we feel about it, we're going to be fighting for each other and fighting for them, and that's what we need out of them, too."

The Raiders game presents an emotionally charged opportunity to build some momentum in yet another season where the AFC West is up for grabs in a down year. The Chiefs are only two games back with 10 games to go. Despite the lack of success so far, fan support can go a long way on Sunday.

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