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Stanford Routt: 'We've got to get a win'

The Oakland Raiders are visiting this weekend, but Stanford Routt will be on the other side for the first time in his career.


Stanford Routt has been on the opposite side of this rivalry ever since he was the second round pick of the Oakland Raiders out of Houston in the 2005 NFL Draft. After seven seasons in Oakland, the Chiefs cornerback now faces his former teammates as they journey into Arrowhead for the first of their two AFC West showdowns this year.

Routt always played well in those games with 3 interceptions in his career against the Chiefs -- the most he had against any single team in the NFL. Now on the other side, Routt refused to make a big deal out of the storyline for the most part. Instead, he seemed focused on the Chiefs' need for a win above all else. Here's his interview yesterday with the media.

In Oakland, was there a different vibe when you guys played the Chiefs?

Routt: It's the same way versus any AFC West team. I think that whether you're the Chargers, the Chiefs, the Broncos or the Raiders, if you're playing one of those other teams I think that it's obviously going to be a big week because wins in the division count like two, they count twice almost. I think that's the main thing. Like I said, you can make whatever analogy you want to make about it, that's what it's going to come down to.

Having practiced against some of the guys that you're going to play against this weekend, does that help you?

Routt: With today's film study and with the scouting reports that come out, I think that everybody's got a leg up on everybody else just based on the type of technology we now have with our film study, scouting, reports, all that. I really wouldn't make too much of one person having an advantage over the other.

Anything personal about this matchup for you now that you're on the other side of the game?

Routt: It's a divisional game. And we've got to get a win. That's the main thing. It's the Raiders vs. the Chiefs.

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