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Forbes: NFL's Least Liked Players includes Brady Quinn

A recent survey by Forbes Magazine identified the top ten most and least liked NFL players.


Every NFL fan has their favorite players to cheer for and the ones that stir up the most frustration. Forbes Magazine recently published the results of a poll involving Nielsen and E-Poll to find the ten NFL athletes most appealing to fans. They also figured out the ten least appealing. Interestingly enough, Chiefs starting quarterback Brady Quinn came in at No. 10 on the latter.

Leading the least likable list includes some names or even positions that you might be able to guess. Ndamukong Suh placed worst in overall appeal in the NFL for reasons that need no explanation. Jay Cutler and Michael Vick were also near the top of that list. But at No. 10 sits Brady Quinn, just behind Mark Sanchez.

Among the NFL's most liked were Troy Polamalu at the very top, followed by Drew Brees and Charles Woodson.

Forbes sports business writer Tom Van Riper says that Quinn's inability to live up to the college hype is what likely does him in, since Matt Leinart is also on the list.

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