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Romeo Crennel on Raiders game: 'It's going to be a battle'

Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel expects a close 'battle' when the two rivals face each other on Sunday afternoon.

Brian Bahr

The Oakland Raiders are coming to town, which nearly everyone involved with the Kansas City Chiefs will understand as a crucial rivalry game where emotions run high and a victory is significant.

The Raiders have defeated the Chiefs in each of the last five games at Arrowhead Stadium, with most of those serving as narrow defeats to crush a fan base and momentum for the Chiefs.

As for the Chiefs rookies, head coach Romeo Crennel says he is trying to teach them about the rivalry's history and importance.

"I talked to them about that, and I hope it does," said Crennel. "The fact that it's a rival, some of these young kids don't understand it and don't know it. But you mention it to them, you talk to them about it, you talk to them about how close the games have been.

"I know since I've been here, the last four games, two of them have been overtime games. Then I think in '09, the two games in '09, one was a three-point game and the other a six-point game. It's going to be a battle. Get them to understand that, and just be ready to play and play well."

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