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What does Romeo Crennel mean by 'no quick hook' for Brady Quinn?

Romeo Crennel said that he doesn't want Brady Quinn looking over his shoulder, but exactly how much job security should the quarterback expect?

Jamie Squire

Matt Cassel has officially been replaced. Brady Quinn is the new Chiefs starter at quarterback. While that much has been made clear, Romeo Crennel also made some remarks this week that indicate Quinn will be at the helm for a while.

Specifically Crennel said, "What I want him to be is, I want him to be the starting quarterback without having to look over his shoulder, so there is going to be no quick hook or anything like that."

"No quick hook." What does that mean? To some, it will mean that even if Quinn struggles, he will not be replaced within the game. Others could read into it that Quinn is the starter for the duration of the season. Perhaps it's an in-between where Quinn will receive a few games to show what he can do with proper practice reps and consistency at the position.

Quinn's early results were not promising after his first game starting against the Bucs on the road while Cassel recovered from a concussion. His line:

23 of 38 for 57.9% completion rate, 180 yards, 0 touchdowns, 2 interceptions

For a comparison, here's Matt Cassel's line through 2012:

103 of 176 for a 58.5% completion rate, 1,150 yards, 5 touchdowns, 9 interceptions

Crennel was quick to defend Quinn after the Buccaneers loss, so he clearly believes that the numbers were not indicative of his performance. If Quinn's numbers do not improve, however, it will be interesting to see how long Crennel's patience lasts.

If the season continues on the downward spiral, the quarterback position might not be the only position lacking any job security. Thus Crennel should not be too quick to tie his fate to any single player at the quarterback position. As a head coach, he is not responsible for any player acquisition. He must play who he's been given to work with. However, he is the one who must make shuffle the deck, so to speak.

I'm guessing that Ricky Stanzi will also get a nice look in the final four games of the season if Quinn turns out to be another mediocre quarterback for Kansas City. If nothing else, it will give the front office the ability to see all quarterbacks on the roster for a number of games in a row.

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